08 January 2009

Suns Game

Last night I went to the Suns-Pacers game with Monica, Mom, Dad, Ben and Katie. It was fun we sat the 16th row. Too bad the Suns didn't play too well and the Pacers won on a buzzer-beater. Ni modo, it was fun

05 December 2008

First Post

Maybe my first post should be something special. but its not. por eso voy a poner solamente esta informacion inĂștil. I'm now entering the amazing world of blogging. wow. i'm estatic. so thats why i say thanks to YOU for checking out the first post on this blog at blogspot.com. YOU're the best! well, almost the best according to Nacho.... "Ramses is #1, He's the best" - Nacho Libre